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I want to go to London… to see Buhari By Reuben Abati

Read his piece below....
When 15 million plus Nigerians voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 General elections, their expectation was that he would be available to serve them 24/7/365, and that those who fielded him as their candidate had done their home work to avoid what is curiously becoming the Katsina problem in Nigerian politics. Katsina! 
But we have now found ourselves in a situation whereby our President is now in London, for more than one month sir, ma, and we are here, and we have an acting President, who according to everybody, including the extremists and the mischievous, and the politically partisan, is beginning to try his best, with his admirers, now praying for the worst. 
   For that reason alone, we have an emotionally, politically and spiritually divided country on our hands. Don’t mind what they tell you, and don’t deceive yourself, the Nigerian Presidency is in turmoil. It is not our wish. It is not what the voters asked for. But that is how democracy works. You cannot predict the results that democracy produces.  Not even in America. Or Russia. 
    Now that we have found ourselves in this situation, anyway - an absentee President trying to remain relevant and an acting President struggling to put up appearances, and struggling harder not to be seen to be ambitious (sorry, Prof. I was your student but I have something to say sir, I don’t mean any harm – truth be told), where should the Nigerian people stand? For the past one month, we have all been trapped in a post-truth situation, pretending as if all is normal. We should stop pretending.
     Those who supported and are supporting the APC that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power and office cannot talk. They cannot talk due to embarrassment and shame. They are busy putting up a face. But for how long can they do this? The Nigerian media is also on its knees, looking so pitiable, with the exception of a few blogs, newspapers that we can’t even trust, professional media consultants who are in disarray, a few bloggers and then some gentlemen: Pa Ikhide, Farooq Kperogi, Sonala Olumhense, Omoyele Sowore, Pius Adesanmi and Okey Ndibe who have since been specially illuminated as they journeyed to Damascus.
    I will return to this subject some other day. But I think right now, we should begin to take the subject of the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari more seriously. Bukola Saraki, our Senate President has visited him in London, twice, within two weeks. I don’t think we should leave this business of visiting the President to party chieftains, the executive and the Federal Legislature.  If care is not taken, Senator Saraki may be tempted to visit the President again next week. And the week after and he may even be tempted to travel with all the members of the National Assembly. There must be equity in this matter.
    Figure it out as follows: we all know that President Buhari is now in London and he is the man Nigerians chose as their President in 2015.  We cannot forsake him. He is in London on working leave, for more than one month now, and we don’t know when that leave will end. We have been told it will end soon. Later. One day. Whenever. We are not God. Let the leave end when it will.  But we, the people, have a duty to stand by our President. This is the point of this article. We are Africans. We have traditions. We respect elders. We don’t joke with old age. The time has come, right now, for Nigerians to behave like Africans.
    We should therefore, not leave this business of visiting to Senator Busola Saraki alone. Party chieftains have visited Mr. President.  The leadership of the National Assembly has also gone to London to be part of President Buhari’s working leave. I think Vice-President-Acting-President Yemi Osinabjo should also visit his boss, this week, next week, or ASAP. Henceforth, he should be in London at least once a week.  Let us stop pretending that the President is not in charge. He is.  If Aso Villa is now in London, let us make it work. The Acting President and the real President need quality face time.  If the acting President must go to London everyday, let him do so, but don’t let us run Nigeria by telephone or DHL Am I making sense? I am not talking about common sense. I mean real sense. So, do I make any sense at all?
    After the Acting President’s visit, all former Presidents should also start going to London to see the President. Those former Presidents are not as harmless as they pretend to be. They are projected to the public as advisers but they are more than that: they all left something in Aso Villa that makes them eternally powerful.  It is like leaving your DNA in a woman’s body. They should be allowed or perhaps encouraged to visit President Buhari while he is on working leave.   I think our Baba in Abeokuta, Ota and Ibogun should be the first to visit. That may negate the order of seniority, but trust the Ebora Owu to return from London with front-page news! After him, the others can start visiting and probably advise on the possibility of holding a Council of State  meeting in London.  As it were, the Nigerian Constitution does not insist that the Council of State Meeting must be held inside Nigeria. The main subject of that first historic, diaspora, Council of State Meeting should be phrased by OBJ in his own unique way: “Momodu: are you well or sick?”
       There is something called the separation of powers. I don’t want to disrespect mi’lords but I think they too should go to London.  The National Judicial Council (NJC) should put together a high-powered delegation of judges from every part of the country, from all divisions, and level, to proceed post-haste to London to visit, no, to confer with President Buhari on matters of judicial interest to the nation.  But Sirs, don’t go there and talk about the welfare of judges, or the non-payment of your entitlements - if you try that, well, I won’t be in a position to tell you what awaits you on your return. You know mi’lords, as well as I do, that the law in Nigeria is now being made to look truly like an ass!
     After the judges, okay may be the Nigerian Bar Association should also send a delegation, but I don’t trust many of our lawyers. They think they know the law, and they could go to London and say things that will disrupt the President’s working leave. To make that impossible, members of the NBA should be booked on an Arik flight to London, please. But if they get there, fine. The next delegation should be that of Permanent Secretaries. These ones should spend more than a week in London with the President. In fact, they can stay with him till he returns. If they also have medical issues, they should use the opportunity to ask for tests, with the condition that they must return immediately the President leaves London, notwithstanding the status of their own medical tests!
     Once the Permanent Secretaries have been fully accommodated in London, the Ministers, those who were once dismissed by their own employer as “noise-makers”, and who have proven to be no better, should also visit London.  They can go ahead and make as much noise as they wish in London and even enjoy the benefit of a full Federal Executive Council Meeting.  I suspect that this will be a particularly productive FEC meeting. If the people in the Foreign Affairs Ministry know what they are doing, however, they would arrange ahead of that meeting in London, a special meeting with Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain, followed by a dinner with Her Majesty the Queen of England, with a proviso, please, please, please, that nobody should bring up the issue of Biafra or Southern Kaduna after shaking the Queen’s hand, and there should be a strict guarantee that President Buhari will be accompanied by his extremely beautiful wife, Aisha, and he will not, meeting the Queen, no matter how excited, make the mistake of referring to “za oza room”.     
   Stop laughing, my friend; this is how you people cause problems for innocent writers.  What I am now trying to add having made all these points above, is that the Governors’ Forum should also visit President Buhari in London. The Governors have already signified their intention to do so and that seems to be fine with the Nigerian public.  The Governors should therefore appoint representatives who should proceed to London. When they meet with the President, they should hold a special prayer session with three prayer points: one, that President Buhari will not work for another person to come and eat; two: that the demons of Aso Rock will spare and forgive him and his family; three: that President Buhari will return to Nigeria with his two feet. The Governor to lead the prayer should be Peter Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State. 
     If he starts sounding as he has been sounding in recent times, Nasir el-Rufai should be asked to take the microphone from him. And if Nasir sounds like he is playing politics, as he has been doing, Adams Oshiomhole who will like to be there anyway, as a Governor ex-officio, should be given the microphone and asked to pray for the President as best as he can or as best as Trotsky could.
    I have left out some people. In the past month, some Imams and ulamas and concerned relatives have been reported in the media, holding prayer sessions for a hale and hearty President who is just in London to enjoy the weather and do some quality check-ups, private and public. These prayer warriors have prayed and prayed in Abuja, Daura, Borno and everywhere else. The matter is so serious that nobody should be surprised if Rochas Okorocha or James Ibori organizes a prayer session for Muhammadu Buhari. This is the biggest business in Nigeria at this moment. 
     I think, therefore, that we should also encourage the ulamas and the imams to visit. Let them go to London and pray for their President. We have been told they have been sending prayers through skype, whatsapp and the air, the same channels that GSM service providers in Nigeria now want to block. Let the imams go to London then and let the verses of the Holy Quoran rain down. It will be unfair not to allow Christian leaders to go to London too. They are also anxious to go to London. Pastor Tunde Bakare, my beloved, secondary school senior should lead that team. His job should be to screen out any Pastor with Biafra, or Southern Kaduna or pro-PDP blood in him or her.  I mean Pastors like Reno Omokri, Ebun Adegboruwa…. you get what I am saying? The prayer should be commissioned!
      Traditional rulers, bloggers, public intellectuals, trolls, and journalists! Oh, I almost forgot. I think we should also be invited to London to have tea with the President. I volunteer to lead that team but if I am considered unpopular, since they say I am not one of them, let @ikhide, @akaebube, or @dejiadeyanju, @realFFK, or @YeleSowore, be the team leader. But please, make sure we have on that list, @lindaikeji, @SDimokoKORKUS, @emepretty1, @bellanaija, @omojuwa, @ChiomaChuka, @AbangMercy, @toyeenb, @MrStanleyNwabia and… and… My friend, STFU!  I am not planning a special episode of #bbnaija. I just want to go to London and see …my President.

"No apology necessary dear" BankyW responds to Gifty's apology

Singer, Banky W has responded to former Big Brother Naija housemate, Gifty's apology. He dropped a comment on her instagram page saying there was no need for her to apologize...

"What a joke of a pastor" Seyi Law responds to pastor who cursed BBNaija organizers

Comedian, Seyi Law has responded to Pastor Mike Winning who cursed the organizers of Big Brother Naija reality show yesterday. He advised him to organize a christian reality show and give his followers money that will change their life. He wrote;

"What a joke of a Pastor. Did Jesus lay curses on those who turned His Father's house to a market place of all sorts or He just rebuked them. Some of all these people who call themselves Pastors actually think they are God o. Oga Ade, go and have a rethink abeg and ask God for forgiveness. I am not in support of the immoral acts in Big Brother Naija, but as a Christian when the devil brings darkness, you shine your light. If you don't like what they protray, change your channel. Pastor, please organise your own Big Christ House and give money that will change the followers of Christ's lives and see if men and your father in heaven won't praise you. Pastor talking like Nigeria Government, why is Big Brother Naija been held in SA when they have refused to create an enabling environment to allow businesses to thrive. You curse kor you close ni. Long Hisssssssssss. These types of prayer are for your closet not public, Mr. Pastor. Praying their resources should run dry. Ah ah, Pastor, do you know how many are on the employment list of Payporte and Dufil, the makers of Indomie? You are a wicked man. Pray a better abeg."

Woman gives birth to a baby girl in Neighbour's car as they rushed to the hospital (photos)

Daniel Chukwuemeka, the neigbour in question shared this via Facebook. It happened in Nsukka, Enugu State on February 18 around 12:58 am. Narrating what happened, he wrote:

"I was not fast asleep. But I was hearing the first set of gentle knocks on my door in my dreams. Kpam Kpam Kpam Kpam, Daniel o...repeatedly. Later I would deem whoever was knocking that way as unserious. How could such knocks wake me up? But I have just slept off an hour before then. So I was woken up immediately the knock got louder. I rushed out, hearing the cries for help. She was already in labour---my neighbour. My God! I saw the baby's head pushing itself out of my neighbour's privates. She was fast losing blood, as they kept flowing uncontrollably. As if that was not enough a strange sight for me, I saw that white, long thing they call umbilical cord. Damn it! That was actually when the baby had completely come out. Chai. Poor child. Crying. We didn't know what to do. I was clueless. Her friend---a young lady---was clueless too. There was no other neighbour available. And it was already 01:05 am. But that my neighbour, ba? She was a strong woman. She kept reassuring her panic-stricken friend to stop shouting, re affirming that she'd be fine. She was even the one that suggested we go to a nearby hospital. Olodo like me, I couldn't even think of any meaningful thing to do. My head was full. But she was strong. We carried her down to my car, carrying the baby alongside, careful not to draw the umbilical cord too apart from her. Chai. Blood. She lost a lot of blood. I gently drove us to a nearby hospital. The staff responded quickly. The cord was cut while she was still in the car. The baby survived. The mother survived too. I went back home later and got them some clothes, and tea, milk, bread and hot water for the mother.

This is what I call miracle. Not turning water into wine. In this part of the world, we say "Thank God" for even things we can do ourselves. So for the first time in my life, I'll do this, because I am overwhelmed:
Thank God for my neighbour's strong resolve in the face of hysteria;
Thank God for the mechanic guy that didn't tell me stories yesterday, but promptly worked on the car's fan belt, making the car available;
Thank God for the staff of Divine Mercy Hospital and Maternity, Orba road, Nsukka, especially the gate man, for their immediate response to our call for help;
And finally, thank God for giving us humans all that we need to survive the pestilence and pains He also created on earth, for surely He created all things. Amen!

I learnt a few things:
1. A pregnant woman shouldn't be left alone. I used to say I'd run out of home when my wife gets heavy, to avoid a pregnant woman's wahala. Dear future wife, I have changed my mind. I now understand what you women go through. I'll be there, through it all. No business trips. No conferences or seminar. In fact no work for me. I'll be there. We will do it together. After all, we had sex together (whatever that means).
2. I think one should always have fuel in one's car. Anything can happen any time. And no petrol station might be available at that time.
3. Do not overlook the importance of neighbourliness. And if your neighbour is one who hardly responds to knocks on his/her door (like my former useless neighbour), declare such a neighbour as useless to humanity.
Finally, women, please accept the assurances of my ernest respect for your natural abilities. Truly, there's more to your privates than just sexual activity.
PS: the head nurse said I'd make a good father, because of the way I was in charge. Is that true? I mean, why not? 

2017 Miss & Mr Nigerian Resources Is On!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The 2017 Miss & Mr Nigerian Resources is on! After a successful press conference was held with a number of representatives from various TV stations around the country, the portal for registration for the pageant is now open and calls on candidates who are within the ages of 18-35 and have the knowledge of the untapped resources our country has to offer to the world at large. Candidates who are interested should visit the official website www.missandmrresources.com.ng to apply and be a part of the first great ever pageant of ts kind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photos from the conference;

Kwara Govt. Extends Tenure Of LG Caretaker Committees


 Updated February 20, 2017
The Kwara State government has extended the tenure of the Caretaker Committees with 16 Local Government Councils in the state by three months.
The extension was conveyed by the state governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed in a letter sent to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Ali Ahmad.
Governor Ahmed explained that the extension is to ensure continuity of administration, pending the conduct of elections into the local councils.
The governor noted that extension of the tenure is in accordance with section 18(5) & (8) of the Kwara State Local Government Law 2006, which vested powers on him to extend the period of dissolution of the Local Government Council and the Caretaker Committees for three months at any given time.
It will be recalled that the Caretaker Committees were inaugurated on November 15, 2016 for a period of three months, which expired on Tuesday February 14, 2017.

Buhari Should At Least Speak To Nigerians – Akin Oyebode


A Professor of International law and Jurisprudence at the University of Lagos, Akin Oyebode, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to speak to Nigerians from his vacation base in London.
According to the professor, this move has become even more necessary after President Buhari’s phone conversation with the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.
Mr Oyebode added that Nigerians have a right to know the whereabouts of their president and it would only be fair for him to address citizens in order to dispel rumors in the country about his health.
“I have seen pictures in the papers and he looks okay, and the wife says pray for him and all that, to assure us that everything is okay
“If the president can find the time to talk o Donald Trump, then he should be able to talk to us.
“He believes that it is not enough to hear that everything is okay with the president”.
The professor made this known while speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast show Sunrise Daily.
This is coming days after President Buhari wrote to the National Assembly on February 5, 2017, stating his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of series of tests recommended by his doctors.
He was billed to return from the 10-day vacation on Monday February 6, 2017.
Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has since been performing his duties as Acting President.

NEMA: About 50 Disasters Recorded In Lagos, Ogun


Emergency agencies in Lagos and Ogun states say they have attended to about 50 different disasters between Friday and Sunday.
According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), one of the disasters which occurred on Sunday was the fire outbreak at Rida National Plastic Company in Oshodi area of Lagos State.
Other cases include the fire outbreak at CMS Bookshops in Lagos, a car explosion in Abeokuta and a wild bush fire at Ipokia area of Ogun State, all on Saturday.
NEMA said that five deaths have been recorded so far in all the incidents.
The agency has appealed to Nigerians to be safety conscious and guard against unsafe practices as the new phase of dry season sets in.
Parents and schools have also been advised to educate children and the elderly about basic safe actions.

Newspapers Headlines Review for  20th  February 2017.

The Punch
Corruption cases: FG to sack five SANs as prosecutors

Ex-gov Aliyu receives Sheriff in Minna, both meet ex-dictator
FG to convert new VP residence to other use

Niger Delta: Buhari drops military option, favours dialogue

FG orders missions to probe attacks on Nigerians in S?Africa
Fire guts Lagos plastic company

NBBF AGM: B?ball stakeholders petition Dalung
Inter Milan goal thrills Gabigol

Greensprings Kanu camp begins
NBA Africa Game returns to S?Africa

Recession: Telcos may block Skype, WhatsApp calls, target N20tn revenue

Yakubu asks court to set aside forfeiture order on seized N3bn

Bayelsa gov?s brother causes trader?s detention over N1m rice
Fire guts Lagos plastic company

IBEDC promises Ogun community improved power supply
?We laid siege to ATM points to rob people?

Pregnant woman drowns as car plunges into lagoon

Hoodlums kill gang member over sharing of loot
Impunity must stop in PDP ? Sango

I never thought I would give birth at home ? Olu-Philips
NBBF AGM: B?ball stakeholders petition Dalung
Greensprings Kanu camp begins

NBA Africa Game returns to S?Africa
NPA Polo: Leighton win Open Cup

IfeanyiUbah FC crash out of Confederation Cup
Five reasons why banks won?t honour your cheque
PenCom seeks N10.03bn to pay minimum pension

Explore REIT prospects, NSE urges players

Jubilee-Life unveils rent-to-own for business owners

Nine benefits of using screen protectors on smartphones
Considerations when buying a screen protector

Editorial: Toxic influence of money on Nigerian elections
$500m Eurobond: For whose benefit?
Labour, budgeting and climate change (1)
Shinkafi: Good night to a silent benefactor
Trump: Nigerians and the American dream

FG to Decide What to Do with New Official Residence for?
Osinbajo says Aguda House good enough for him
Shettima Meets Heads of Security Agencies over Resurgence of Boko Haram?

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Spent $250m on Nigeria?s Health, Education?

Cross River Frustrated with FG over 260km Super Highway
UNILAG Alumni Seek Support for Annual Concert

New Ondo Monarch Gets Staff of Office
UNICAL Ex-Bursar Planning ?Sponsored Protest? against School Authority, Group Alleges

Five Dead as Lagos, Ogun Battle 50 Emergencies in Three Days

Police Nab Serial ATM Robber
Kwara Police Record Breakthroughs
19 Nigerian Academics Conduct Research in Shell Sabbatical Programme

Lalong?s Deputy Chief of Staff Slumps, Dies
Gombe LG Polls: APC Put Aside Differences, Strategises Towards Victory

C?River Dares FG over 260km Super Highway
Army Refutes Alleged Disparity in Payment of Troops
Fashola: We Must Change Current N? Delta Narrative

Algorithm Media Announces Partnership with GroupM
50 Senators Brainstorm in A?Ibom on Problems Facing Petroleum Sector

Goodie Ibru Retires from Ikeja Hotels
Seplat Boss Throws Weight behind Sale of National Assets
#BreakFree Flashmob Surprises Shoppers at Ikeja Mall
Epe Farmers Raise the Alarm over Incessant Kidnapping
Fitch Affirms Three UBA Subsidiaries? Ratings at ?B-?

Wigwe, Terraz Appointed Co-chairs of NiBUCAA
PDP will Win 2018 Ekiti Gov Poll Despite Party?s Crisis, Fayose?
Anyaoku: Wike Deserves The Sun Award

Bello: Why I?m Aiding the Physically Challenged
 Leighton Kings Emerge Open Cup Champions
Super Eagles to Play Senegal, Burkina Faso in London
Beko Ransome and the Right to Healthcare

The Nation

Seven governors linked with N19b bank account
Ex-NNPC GMD Yakubu seeks to recover seized $9.7m
Fire razes plastic factory
Fed Govt to decide on VP?s residence, says Presidency
PDP leaders in verbal exchange as IBB urges caution
16 Ibru siblings in property, paternity battle
Fed Govt owes 105, 920 retirees N705b, says PenCom
Goodie Ibru resigns as Ikeja Hotels Plc chairman
Thanksgiving and thanksgiver
Between Shettima and Sheriff
Caveat exemptor
NECA cautions FIRS against Stamp Duty Act
James Bond set to light up M-Net
Ford GT unveiled with digital instrument
Mercedes-Benz introduces E
Host community to oil firm: Give us 40% of contracts or forget new drilling project
Seizure of Ekiti fund: It’s an attempt by APC to undermine Fayose’s govt – PDP
Naira’s free fall: NEC seeks urgent review of foreign exchange policy
MAKARFI VS SHERIFF: PDP chieftains converge on Port-Harcourt for make or mar
No query from AGF on forex sale —CBN
Nigeria’s total debt profile $57.39bn – DMO boss
Ogoni clean-up: FG launches soil mgt centre, engages 1,200 women
Reps move to establish agencies to manage 187trn gas reserves
My actions against Jonathan not personal — GOV Tambuwal
RIVERS POLICE PROBE: Govt., APC on war path
Ozekhome faults process leading to freezing of account
Jos residents protest high electricity tariff, fake metres
Naira crashes to 516 as dollar scarcity widens
Judge orders permanent forfeiture of Diezani’s $153m to FG
N522bn Paris Club refund: We’re ready for probe, govs tell EFCC
FG to include religion, ethnicity in 2018 census
Court jails illegal market operator five years
How can government tame rising inflation?
Forex scarcity: Food companies scramble for local grains
Local content: Oil firms’ non-compliance costs A’Ibom N180bn
Tackle recession with agriculture, VC urges govt
Man, who hanged murdered wife, sentenced to death by hanging
FG’s $1bn Eurobond begins trading on London Exchange
NNPC recorded N197.5bn loss in 2016 –Report
Siasia gets more rivals for Bafana job
Judge orders final forfeiture of N34 billion linked to Diezani
Outrage over losses in Onitsha fuel fire
FG to include religion, ethnicity, others in 2018 census
Nigeria’s debt profile hits N17trn
NEC orders CBN to review exchange rate
Presidency to spend N100m on bullet-proof tyres
Paris Club refund bailout: We’re waiting for EFCC –Governors
We didn’t seize Ekiti allocation –FG
Diezani loses N34bn to FG
13 houses, 10 vehicles razed in Onitsha inferno
Nigeria’s debt profile now N17.3tr – DMO
Senate tasks INEC on credible elections
NNPC lost N197.7bn in 2016 operations
Nigeria’s $1bn Eurobond starts trading on London
State House justifies N95m for bullet-proof tyres
NEC asks CBN to review forex policy
Police inspector defeats IG in court over suspension
Vandalism: Fulani group offers to protect Kaduna refinery pipelines.
Good morning Nigerians