Endless Tears -Episode 7

Two weeks dragged by and the swell of my tummy became visible for all to see.  Unfortunately, the only things that saw the swell apart from me were the four walls of my bedroom and the sparkling furniture that were hung in several places.

Alex had brought the agreement, just like he talked about, two weeks ago and I had signed instantly, wanting to get the deal over with. Ever since I endorsed the document, I have not set my eyes on him. It was not surprising since I almost never stepped out of the room.

I had everything I needed there; the soft warm bed, the enticing bathroom which I learnt had hot and cold water a fingertip away and a refreshing view of the soothing garden from my window. I initially paid Tola back in her own coin, making her do everything, ranging from washing my rag-like clothes, to washing the bed sheets every blessed day. It was not much work since I learnt that they used a machine to do all these, but the fact that I was ordering her around was enough to frustrate her. It was not long before I grew weary of this because it was not in my nature to have people do the chores for me, so I decided to apply maturity by allowing Tola have her space. She was surely regretting her earlier actions, it seemed unnecessary to add more fuel to the fire.



Omawumi and Husband celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary

POP singer, Omawumi, is in a celebration mood at the moment. She took to her Instagram page on Monday to appreciate her husband on their second wedding anniversary. The singer got married to her long time partner and the father of her daughter, Tosin Yussuff, at the Ikoyi Registry in a quiet ceremony on January 16, 2015.



Fani Kayode's Counsel rejects EFCC's cross examination

Defence counsel on Tuesday declined cross examination of a prosecution witness in the ongoing trial of Femi Fani-Kayode facing charges of money laundering before a Federal High Court, Lagos. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had arraigned Fani-Kayode and a former Minister of State for Finance, Nenadi Usman, on a 17-count charge of laundering N4.6 billion.

They were charge along with Yusuf Danjuma, a former National Chairman of the Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON) and ex-Chairman of Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Also charged is a company, Jointrust Dimentions Nigeria Ltd., which is said to belong to Danjuma. They had all pleaded not guilty to the 17-count charge bordering on conspiracy, unlawful retention of crime proceeds and money laundering.



1st Edition of Comedy Championship: A huge success!!!

The first edition if the Comedy Championship, which took place on the 15th of January 2016 has come and gone as it was a very memorable occasion. Seven young men boldly contested for the grand price of 100,000 but only one man was was crowned champion.

Educated Mallam cfr.(that's what he goes by) was the winner of the comedy championship after thrilling the audience with hilarious jokes and funny northern accent.

See more photos below:
CEO Association of Nigerian Tenants, Mr Edward Olutoke, giving the opening remark.

 And here are the contestants doing their thing.

The Hosts with the Most



Endless Tears -Episode 6

If eyes could kill, I was pretty sure i should be dead already. I swallowed heavily as I thought I might have gone too far in my little melodramatic displays. Alex seemed to be boiling with rage as he marched to the place I was standing, seizing me by the shoulder. “Are you crazy woman?” he roared. “Was I not clear enough when I told you expressly to shut your stinking mouth? Do you have any idea as to the tenacity of what your stupidity has just caused?”

“Alex” the Senator bellowed. “How dare you constitute a nuisance of yourself in my presence? And when in the history of your life have you seen me rough handle your mother the way you are doing currently? Let go of her this instant” the Senator was on his feet in anger. I had trouble determining whose anger seemed greater as they both glared; Alex glared at me, the senator glared at Alex. The equation became balanced when the senator’s wife turned to glare at her husband.


Givers Forum,

Good news!!! Please read to the end.

Dear Great Givers,

The storm is calming down, things are looking up for your dear community.

The security checks will be a continuous thing for now but as we promised, many changes have occurred on the platform which we believe you must have been noticing. We hope you have done your own part of the cleaning up (Reevaluating your team members). This is the time to show solidarity to a platform that has liberated many souls. To redress the many issues that arose from the serial system attacks, the following situations have been effected on the platform:

1. All accounts banned due to system failures have been reopened.

2. All transactions and bonuses are back in place.

3. The security strengthened and more fortified.

4. Fake POP issues have been left deliberately to give culprits enough time to repent and pay up till Monday 16th January 2017 when the remaining ones shall be outrightly cleared.

5. Membership of the platform now thoroughly scrutinized and affirmed.

6. Members can now willingly terminate their accounts instead of causing troubles in the community.

7. Referral Details are now included in all transactions notice for easy communication.

8. The support system is now enhanced for optimal and effective response to issue.

9. Serious work is still ongoing to rematch all failed transactions and correct the issues of over matching, under matching and erroneous transactions caused by severe attacks on the system. all issues shall be sorted out within two weeks God willing, that’s a promise we will never go back on.


As we all know, the only human efforts that can sustain a platform like this, is for members to uphold the SPIRIT OF GIVING without looking back and everyone to treat one another with love and compassion. In that wise, the following inbuilt values will have to be upheld by participants who wish to be called true GIVERS:

1. From now on, all members must Provide Help and Get Help at least once a month. Any account that does not uphold this, shall be tagged a dormant account and shall be suspended till the owner reactivate such account by Providing Help again.

2. Due to the fact that many participants only GHed during the Christmas period while many refused to honour their pledges leading to many failed transactions, for anyone to Get Help for now, he must Provide Help to the tune of at least 30% of the amount he wishes to GH, this is to ensure a stable platform since it is a Give and Take programme and there’s no way to receive unless somebody is giving. This is a one off thing, normal transactions commence after the new PH has been honoured.

 Many old members have been found to simply rely on collecting Referral Bonuses without Providing Help in the recent past, this is not healthy for a community built on integrity and communal supports, we all must practice what we preach.

3. Bringing people into this community is a great responsibility, it’s like standing surety for somebody in opening a bank account, therefore, henceforth, members are not permitted to be careless with their usernames so criminals don’t keep populating the community. Allow only people you can vouch for to register with your username.

4. If a member fails to pay up his pledge after being matched or he uploads fake Proof of payment, he forfeits his membership and his upline (the member who brought him into the community) have all the bonuses on his own Earnings cleared off leaving only his donations intact.

5. Too many people have been getting away with the crime of causing innocent people pains, once again, please call all your team members to share these new points with them and ask anyone who is no longer interested to kindly terminate his accounts so that from now, moving forward, everyone can account for his team members and we build a strong and trustworthy family, no matter how few we are.

Givers Forum can outlive this generation if we all choose to make it our own contribution to humanity. Please pardon all errors and let’s move on together in unity of purpose.

We surely will keep you posted as the clean up exercise continues and we move the community to the next level. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.

God bless us all.



PLEASE READ UP!! Comedy Championship

Do you have what it really takes to make people giggle on their seat for hours?



Endless Tears - Episode 5

I carried my sack of clothes effortlessly, as I marched with great vigor towards the sitting room. I obviously had had enough of this melodrama which had been on constant replay in my life. Jeez, it was abundantly clear that I made a mistake, but should I be treated like a rejected leper because of it? Well, all that is coming to an end. This has gone this far because I allowed it. I swallowed, trying to put my anger and irritation under control before getting to the sitting room. I won’t want to spoil my exit by ranting like a rebellious child.
I entered the sitting room unceremoniously and my blood stilled before it erupted into a whirlwind of explosion. Corper sat there in the succulent chair, and the snake of a woman, sat on his laps, curled like a child. She ran her hands slowly from Corper’s chest to his shoulders, and to his face, tracing his bottom lip with a finger. Anger coursed through me, making me feel like I would fly into a million pieces from too much anger.
Corper raised his head and a slow smile lit his face immediately he saw me. I froze. What was going on? Was he expecting me? He surely did not look surprised or angry that I was standing there. It was as if he had known all along that I would come there. He met my eyes and bent to kiss the lady’s shoulder and I almost exploded on my feet. The woman’s head went backwards and in the process, caught sight of me. She stilled and sat up instantly.



Hundreds of APC Youths burn APC customized Coffin as they decamp to PDP in Rivers State (PHOTOS)

APC youths in Rivers state have publicly brought a Customized APC casket and burnt it to show they have embraced the PDP in Rivers State.

In a bid to show their loyalty and that they have totally surrendered, hundreds of youths of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rumuokparali, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State on Tuesday, defected to PDP, and burnt a casket engraved with APC logo.

The defected youths also handed over their brooms to PDP state chairman which were also burnt at the venue.

See more photos below:



Tears flow as President Obama delivers emotional final farewell speech

After eight years in office, the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama has said goodbye as he gave his farewell speech in his hometown of Chicago on Tuesday, January 10, and it included plenty of emotional moments.

President Barack Obama said goodbye to the American nation Tuesday night, declaring during his farewell address that he hasn't abandoned his vision of progressive change but warning that it now comes with a new set of caveats.

And while he won't be in the White House anymore, doing the job he described as "the honor of my life," Barack Obama also made it clear that he isn't going to fade into retirement after he steps down from office. "I won't stop. In fact, I will be right there with you as a citizen for all my remaining days," he said.



REVEALED! Pastor Adeboye's son has a boutique where a shoe costs over a N1 million (photos)

Since the shocking resignation of the 'former' General Overseer of the popular The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Pastor E.A Adeboye, media searchlight has been beamed on the Adeboye family.

According to a journalist, Simon Ateba who lives in Washington, United States of America, the Adeboye family has raked a fortune from their leadership position within the RCCG circle.


Givers Forum,

Givers Forum system currently undergoing security check

The Management and Administrators of Givers Forum has currently placed the system on a compulsory security check. This new development kicked of today, 11th of January 2017 and it hopes to curb all the issues participants have been having with the system.

Once you log into the system, a pop up message will appear notifying you of the current security check.

Participants have been adviced not to panic as the system has not crashed, according to rumors surfacing online and also that their money is safe and also their earnings and bonuses.

Once the security chck is complete, you will be alble to view all your previous and current transactions.

This is just to ensure smooth and proper running of the system and to ensure that we deal with all kinds of security threats.

Thank you for your usual co-operation.



Endless Tears - Episode 4

One week passed and the idea of being a maid in my husband’s house was still like a bomb. Each passing day added to my shock and dismay at this display of impunity. I have never felt more like garbage like I did now, having to work with the maids in the house. Ever since Corper walked out of my room, I hadn’t set my eyes on him. I was careful to ensure that we never happened to be in the same place together. My hatred for him grew with each passing day, but my love for him was not eliminated either. I still could not understand why thoughts of him still plagued my dreams. Every time, I entertained the hope that he would change and love me the way he professed in the village. Unfortunately, there was no indication that this would ever happen.


Givers Forum,

Givers Forum is now bigger and stronger... PLEASE READ UP!!

Dear Givers,
We trust the year is going on well.
Consequent upon the last broadcast, we are glad to let you know that the initiated clean-up process is already yielding massive results. More pledges are being honoured and the issues of fake pop drastically reducing.
We thank you for the efforts you made in relating with your team members and re-evaluating their level of interest in the community. We therefore write to reiterate that starting from 16th January 2017, any default in payment or upload of fake POP shall lead to total removal of culprit from the system while the sponsor forfeits all existing bonuses on his earnings at that point in time. To open an account in the bank, you need guarantors who will also be held responsible for your activities with the bank, so it’s time for us to get serious because many people’s hard earned monies are involved. Albeit we keep advising only spare monies should be donated, the truth remains not many people have anything called spare money in today’s Nigeria, we must therefore do everything to protect every participant on the platform.



Endless Tears - Episode 3

“I opened my eyes to the tap of my mum’s hand. I felt a bit hot and feverish, having to swallow hard before uttering a word.
“Amara, your husband has sent someone to pick you up” she said.
My heart beat escalated and she touched my hand, coming instantly to touch my neck. “My God, your temperature is so high, are you sick my dear?” she asked, jumping up at once.
“I am fine mama” I murmured.
“You are not. You are as hot as a boiling kettle. You can’t go anywhere today. Let me get you some drugs, I will tell the guy to come for you tomorrow” she said hurriedly.
I shook my head, “No mama, I would leave this place today” I said.
She frowned. “You are not well Amara, let me take care of you, I know that that useless husband of yours would not do anything” she said with obvious anger.
Her anger was starting to irritate me. “Whether you like it or not, I am leaving this place now. I have signed the contract of this marriage, it is high time I stopped postponing the inevitable and start living the life I signed up for” I tried to get up, hiding my slight discomfort. My tummy hadn’t started protruding because I was just two months gone but as I sat up, I could not escape the sudden wave of dizziness that gripped me.  I shut my eyes tight for several seconds until I felt safe to open them.



Fulani Militia kill 3 Police officers in Adamawa

The Adamawa Police Command on Sunday confirmed the killing of three mobile police officers and the disappearance of two others in an attack by suspected herdsmen in Demsa Local Government Area of the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the policemen were among those drafted to secure Kwayine, Gidan Dadi and Karlahi communities after clashes that followed the killing of 47 cattle in the area.

The command’s Public Relations Officer, Othman Abubakar, who confirmed the development to journalists in Yola, said that four rifles belonging to the police officers were also missing.

“Fulani militia attacked the three villages and we lost three of our gallant MOPOL while two are missing.

“We have constituted a high powered search team and by the special grace of God we are going to recover our men.



MMM dumps NAIRA, to use BITCOIN

MMM Nigeria says it has introduced Bitcoin, said to be the world’s best performing currency in 2016, as part of its mode of payment in its comeback plans

The  Ponzi scheme, which froze accounts of its three million  participants on December 13, 2016, is preparing to return, and it is throwing up a number of plans to get its community active again.

Last week,  MMM  promoters  issued instructions to its participants whose accounts were frozen, to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development.”

In the MMM message, subscribers were told to perform tasks, both online and offline, to promote the scheme and drive “traffic and participation” by the time the restriction on the account is lifted.

“Being an MMM member implies not only opportunities, but also a responsibility for the state and development of the MMM Community”, the message said.

Now it has come up with Bitcoin, the increasingly popular cryptocurrency or digital currency.



Endless Tears - Episode 2

“You will” the Senator declared and everyone turned to him. I didn’t give a damn what he said.
“What are you saying dad? I am supposed to marry Lisa and I will. I love her” he said with finality.
“You should have thought of your love for her before sleeping with another woman. You must face the consequences of your actions, you won’t make me lose my election because of your foolishness.” He said sternly. “Come with me” he stormed out of the sitting room. Copper and his mum followed instantly and copper Bello looked like someone going to war.
Tears flowed freely and dad did not waste the opportunity to rain insults on me for bringing shame to him. Mum tried to console me but I was totally shattered. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. How could my life suddenly turn to a horror movie within the twinkling of an eye.
I don’t know how long we waited, probably minutes or hours but suddenly, they all came in. Corper Bello looked strained and terribly angry but I was past caring. 



Endless Tears - Episode 1

Never have I fathomed in the four corners of my little mind that I would be derailed from my goals. My eyes have always been fixed on that glorious spot. I always spied my neighbour’s television just to be able to listen to the news, see beautiful people and aspire to be like them, but everything changed all of a sudden. My focus was diverted, my brain was hacked by a stronger device and I was left with only one thing to drive my action-my emotions. Corper Bello appeared and he became the driver of my every action, because he held the key to my heart.

My legs dragged sluggishly on the fanciful Abuja road as I forced myself to keep the pace my parents were setting. We spent three days here in Abuja, doing only one thing-searching for Corper Alex Bello. I can’t believe all that is happening and waking up from this nightmare seems practically impossible. My legs throbbed and my waists seemed strained from excessive walking. Every pedestrian I saw was gaily dressed, looking like the ones I saw on television. Even though this was my first time out of the confines of my little village, I was not enjoying myself, simply because there is nothing to enjoy.
“Move faster pregnant woman and stop dragging your feet on the floor”, Dad snapped. People walking past turned around to stare at me but I kept my head bowed as shame overtook me. Yes, I am pregnant for Corper Bello. Dad never stopped reminding me, like I can ever forget. How can I forget the news that truncated my dreams and brought shame to my face?



New Year message from Givers Forum



Congratulations, you’re counted among the living, against all odds you’re still standing tall. Welcome to 2017 tagged OUR YEAR OF RADICAL ACTIONS.

God indeed has been so merciful to us all, despite and in spite of all the storms and unwarranted attacks, this community is still here. They predicted many things would happen but who will say a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord Himself has not said it?.

Givers Forum has helped us to prove a point that nothing is wrong with Nigerians as a people, great things can happen in Nigeria and last forever especially when the people have made up their minds. They say it cannot endure and will soon crash, we say they should allow God to determine that. Many communities like Red Cross, Boys Brigade, Lions Club, Rotary Club, FGBMF etc came to Nigeria, Nigerians made them work and they are still growing till this day. We can make this also last beyond a generation. As long as people’s emancipation is at the centre of it, God has the duty to sustain it.


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